COD ART019 Intro to Painting – K. FLINT



XAXZ3601 -Zseries#1 knife with cap
RYRSET9387 – Super Value 25pc variety brush pack
TF7101 – Gesso Brush 1″
PTUPCA3410MWHT – Artist tape 3/4″x10yd.
SM64061 -Vision watercolor pad tape bound 140lb 11×15
RYRART200 – Essentials sketching pencil 21pc set
FC11704 – Watersoluble pencil graphite aquarelle 4b
CH44201 – Higgins waterproof Black india ink
YOCC4 -Bamboo Calligraphy brush
WN7005161 – Artists vine charcoal soft 3 sticks
RT9021608M – Talens gouache set 8x12ml.
RT9022024M – Talens art creation watercolor set
JR101000 – Plastic Palette Tray 8+8 well slant
3M9005NA – Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper assort. grits


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